BISS Ch Ohana's Reversed The Curse, AOM


Sire: CH Haltmeier's The Yankees Win
Dam: Ohana's Sir Lancelot's Love
Born: November 6, 2005

Yaz winning Best in Specialty Show

For once we had a name picked out before puppies were here and a theme. It was pretty easy because my husband Steven is from Boston and true Red Sox fan. We had to counteract the sire's name "The Yankee's Win." I tried to tell him it was more for Yankee Doodle Dandy, a patriotic theme but he didn't fall for it. So the plan for a sports theme litter was made and we started thinking of names for our keeper pup. We came up with the registered name "Ohana's Reversed the Curse", that was a pretty easy choice, especially for my husband. But originally we were going to call her Boston but since she wasn't a mantle the only one that liked it was my younger daughter, I suggested Fenway but that was not well liked. My husband came up with some extremely creative names; they were all unanimously vetoed by the other family members, thank goodness. He suggested the name Yaz earlier after a very well known Boston Red Sox player Carl Yastrzemski. Boston was still Sydnie's favorite and I still loved Fenway but Yaz was liked by the majority of the family, so Yaz she is. We also call her Jazzy Yazzy and Yazzamatazz. Everyone now loves her name and now Yaz really fits her.

Stacie Stern-Leaphart
(540) 247-2653



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