Ohana Danes - No family is complete without a Dane.

No family is complete without a Dane.

More pics continued..


Puppies are happy and growing fast as ever. More Pics


Just a quick update on Jazmyn and the puppies!

Jazmyn and the puppies are doing great. The puppies are getting a little bigger, and time just flies! Here are a few pics of the mama and the current beautiful litter! Enjoy!

Jazmyn and Puppies update. They're doing great!

Here is another update on the puppies and Jazmyn. They're doing great, and here are some pictures Ohana Danes would like to share. Enjoy!IMG_9565IMG_9572IMG_9553IMG_5922IMG_9557

Jazmyn and the Puppies are doing great!

Jazmyn and the puppies are doing great. Here are few pictures of the puppies resting, and have their mother's milk. They're just adorable and a bundle of joy.IMG_9512IMG_9508

Puppies are here!

Ohana Danes is proud to announce that the puppies have been born! Jazmyn went into labor around 5:30 this morning! The first pup was born at 8:25 a.m. and the last one at 7:37 pm. The litter has 6 girls, and 3 boys.

There is 1 mantle boy, 2 flashy mantle boys, 3 black with white girls, 1 flashy mantle girl, and 2 harlequin girls. We're very excited!